ALTe is excited to be participating as one of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain leaders at the upcoming Battery Show 2014

ALTe will be participating in the HTUF Ride and Drive Event

EEI encourages utilities to spend at least 5% of fleet acquisition budgets on plug-ins.

Utility Fleets Leading the Charge

ALTe Technologies gains positive impressions at Plug-in 2014 with its F150 Plug-In REEV prototype and is in the news.

Come drive our F150 range extended EV!!

Hybrid Car Magazine, published an enlightening article about ALTe Technologies at EDTA


ALTe powertrains will deliver equal or better performance at a fraction of the operating cost of comparable gasoline powered vehicles.

Fuel savings are achievable by with hybrid electric powertrain. Driving a blend of pure EV (Electric Vehicle) miles on power stored in the batteries and hybrid miles recharged by an on-board generator enables the best fuel efficiency.

ALTe Full System alpha

Different  PHEV performance needs are met by configuring high voltage electric motor, motor controller, high voltage battery, hybrid controller technologies and internal combustion engine (for generator) into an engineered solution with the highest reliability.

For production, ALTe powertrains can be assembled into new products when first built or retrofited into existing, already built products. ALTe Full System alpha

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F150 Pickup:


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